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AdvancedMD is a fully integrated, cloud-based electronic health record, medical billing, and patient engagement software system.

Designed for outpatient practices of all sizes and specialties, AdvancedMD is a unified suite of tools to automate and streamline your EHR, scheduling, billing, and patient engagement.

As a managed services partner organization of AdvancedMD, MDS Medical works closely with you during the planning, EHR migrationimplementationtraining, and post-implementation support stages.

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AdvancedMD EHR

AdvancedMD’s powerful EHR dashboard displays outstanding tasks, critical and urgent issues, a snapshot of upcoming patient appointments, and a prioritized inbox to help you stay organized and get tasks completed quickly. Designed for physicians and clinical providers, your dashboard provides you with everything you need to know in order to stay on top of tasks and action items and plan your workday efficiently.

Your AdvancedMD EHR software is a robust application, aligning every role of your practice in a way that maximizes efficiency and productivity.

AdvancedMD Medical Billing and Practice Management Software

A centralized medical billing platform helps automate every aspect of claims management in order to capture and collect every dollar. With AdvancedMD, you can use your own in-house billing team or take the burden off of your practice with MDS Medical’s AdvancedMD medical billing services.

Your A/R control center, automated claims management, integrated clearinghouse, electronic remittance advice and insurance eligibility verification works as a cohesive system that helps your office maximize revenue. Powerful financial performance and benchmarking functionality ensures that the business side of your practice runs at peak efficiency and profitability.

Intuitive appointment scheduling, insurance eligibility verification, automated patient appointment reminders, recurring appointment functionality and patient waitlist management ensures that your front office staff is able to spend less time on cumbersome administrative tasks – and more time keeping your patients happy.

AdvancedMD Patient Engagement

In order to compete effectively with hospital-owned practices, independent provider groups need to deliver an extraordinary patient experience.

With AdvancedMD’s robust patient engagement features, you will have all of the necessary technology to drive improvements in patient satisfaction, patient communication, and practice efficiencies.

advancedmd patient kiosk tablet check in

Patient Kiosk

Streamline your patient check in process with iPads that allow your patients to complete patient intake forms in just a few clicks. The Patient Kiosk assists your staff with patient check-in, reduces the number of paper documents that need to be scanned into the patient’s chart, and completely integrates with AdvancedMD’s PM and EHR. Patients use the kiosk app in your office to check in, make payments, update demographics, sign consent forms, and complete intake forms.

patient email messaging with advancedmd ehr software

Patient Messaging

AdvancedMD’s patient messaging means that you do not have to leverage a third-party email messaging system that puts patients information at risk. Now, you can stay in touch with patients via automated email and text messages inside your AdvancedMD system. Create and utilize email templates for email newsletters and even segment your patients by specific criteria such as insurance or diagnosis code – ensuring that you can communicate important messages to a precise audience.

advancedmd ehr patient portal

Patient Portal

Your patient portal enables your office to streamline patient communications, prescription renewals, patient payments, and online appointment requests. Patient satisfaction suffers when patients are forced to call and sit on hold for routine requests such as appointment requests and prescription refills. Your AdvancedMD patient portal automates administrative tasks and reduces the time your staff spends answering calls and scheduling appointments, which enables them to focus on providing exceptional care to your patients in your office.

advancedmd reputation management google reviews

Reputation Management

The number of patient online reviews is growing at a rapid pace, and effective and proactive reputation management has become a necessity for every medical practice. Positive Google and social media reviews elevates your practice presence in search engines, capturing new patients for your practice. Conversely, a high number of negative reviews can damage the reputation of your providers and practice, drive patients to other providers, and hurt your financial performance. AdvancedMD’s automated reputation management software allows you to effortlessly build a positive online presence by providing patients with an easy way to share their experience on Google.

advancedmd telemedicine


Integrated telemedicine functionality enables your office to easily schedule virtual appointments, and view all of your telemedicine appointments in one centralized dashboard. With AdvancedMD’s telemedicine functionality, you are able to deliver and chart patient visits just as if they were in your office. Securely connects you to patients via two-way video, allows you to remotely monitor vital signs, communicate with patients through the patient portal, and even transmit still images.

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