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ACOG Prenatal Care Solution for athenahealth EHR

Empower your EHR to manage maternity care more efficiently. Dorsata, in partnership with ACOG, offers an unparalleled solution with features that improve patient diagnosis, treatment, and documentation processes. Our seamless alliance with athenaClinicals® provides an upgrade in clinical quality and patient safety across every practice location.

ACOG-inspired Design

Designed by Ob-Gyns, for Ob-Gyns, the ACOG Prenatal Record reclaims the flexibility of the original paper prenatal record.

  • Now in digital form, our platform combines the simplicity and speed of the prenatal record
  • Minimizes time spent entering and hunting for information so more time is focused on delivering care

Dorsata reminded me of important paperwork that I needed signed, just 34 days before a cesarean section. Without that reminder and signed paperwork, the patient would have needed a second surgery.


dorsata acog flowsheet for athenahealth obgyn

Automated Ordering & Coding

Never miss a test, patient file, lab or order essential to care — no matter which provider is seeing the patient.

  • More than just a pretty flowsheet, the interface features everything you need to know about your patient captured in one view 
  • Pregnancy problem list management, one-tap ordering, as well as automated ICD-10 coding

Gap & Outcome Reporting

Our powerful dashboard monitors gaps-in-care and creates outcome reports to help manage performance and details postdelivery outcome information.

  • Modeled after the original paper prenatal record, it is incredibly intuitive
  • Training is straightforward taking less than a week

Rules-based Care Planning

Dorsata’s advanced clinical rules engine improves diagnosis, treatment, and documentation simplifying day-to-day patient care to ensure they receive the right care at the right time.

  • The ACOG Prenatal Record embeds in your current EHR to enhance patient outcomes and provider experience
  • ACOG best-practices at the point of care, surfacing timely reminders specific to gestational age, patient problem list, and practice guidelines

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