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EHR Hosting For Greenway Prime Suite and NextGen

With 14 years of experience in the implementation and support of Greenway Prime Suite, MDS has unmatched field experience delivering premium hosting and support on the platform.

MDS Medical serves as a single-vendor technology, IT support, and HIPAA security partner for outpatient provider organizations nationwide.

With over 30 years of deep and focused experience in Healthcare IT, MDS delivers an unmatched level of expertise and guidance for provider organizations. A consultative service model means that if you need help to strengthen your IT infrastructure – we can help.

We have used two different EMR systems and two different hosting solutions in the last several years. We switched to MDS to host our EMR a little over two years ago. Gone are the never-closing, issue-never-fixed support tickets. Gone are unexplained down-times. We couldn’t be happier with MDS hosting service. Support and training are only a phone call away. Calls are always answered by a real live person. Issues are immediately dealt with or at the very least explained with an idea of duration given. I wish every vendor we deal with was more like MDS. Superior service.

– Biltmore ENT

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Prime Suite EHR Hosting

  • With 14 years of Prime Suite experience, we know how to optimize its delivery for peak performance, speed, and security
  • Our Managed IT team has a strong and successful track record in field experience troubleshooting Prime Suite from both the application (software) side, as well as the back-end.
  • We are uniquely qualified to optimize your Prime Suite delivery and quickly resolve challenges that arise.

Access Your Full Prime Suite Installation From Any Device

With our lightweight Greenway Prime Suite mobile connectivity solution (included at no additional cost for mdsHOSTING customers) you can access Prime Suite from anywhere at anytime using any device.

This means you do not have to download or utilize a separate mobile application to access your full Prime Suite application, and can access from any device or platform – even Apple / iOS via an iPad or Mac – without using a separate mobile application.

mdsHOSTING Overview

Since 2008, MDS has hosted Greenway Prime Suite for outpatient organizations nationwide. mdsHOSTING is a secure, redundant, fast hosting solution for the Greenway Prime Suite electronic health records and practice management software system.

Who can use mdsHOSTING?

MDS can host your Prime Suite system regardless if you own your Greenway licenses or if you are on a SaaS (software-as-a-service) Prime Suite service contract with MDS.

Why choose MDS for Greenway Prime Suite hosting?

You don’t need a physical server

Never buy, secure, upgrade, or backup an onsite server again. Physical servers take up valuable office space, require upgrades, and are a security burden when it comes to uncontrollable variables, such as power outages, fires, floods and many factors outside your control.

No expensive server upgrades

As your hosting provider, we are responsible for upgrading our infrastructure to accommodate Greenway Prime Suite EHR software requirements and ensuring optimal security and performance. Hardware upgrades and maintenance are seamless and transparent to your organization.

Redundant backups mean your data is safe.

MDS has a multi-point, multi-location backup policy. This means that even in the event of catastrophic natural or human-caused disaster, your data will be recoverable.

Maximum speed, reliability, and uptime

The MDS data center is located in 100% uptime Carrier Neutral Network Backbone (Blended). This means that your system is housed in a network with multiple fiber circuits via multiple carriers, offering the maximum possible performance.

We don’t outsource hosting

MDS is a direct host for Greenway Prime Suite and does not outsource hosting support or services to 3rd party companies. All technical support is delivered from our Arizona offices, and our western United States data centers. With 14 years of Prime Suite support experience, MDS has expert knowledge on the Prime Suite architecture to ensure that your system performs reliably at optimum speed and efficiency.

Physical access restrictions

Physical access and data center security is monitored 24/7/365, so you don’t need to worry about the physical security of your data, equipment, or servers.

Never worry about backups again

Not sure if your IT department or outsourced IT company is properly rotating media? What about offsite backups? Redundant backups? We take care of all of it, so you don’t have to. You’ll never need to worry about media rotations, off-site backups, or securing and transporting your backup media.

Access Prime Suite from anywhere, at anytime

Secure remote access via mdsCONNECT to your Prime Suite installation can be performed on most devices and almost anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection (check with the internet provider regarding restrictions on their network).

SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2 Compliant Data Centers

All MDS Medical hosted Greenway Prime Suite systems are located in SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2 Compliant Data Centers. This also means that many of the HIPAA Physical Safeguard requirements not easily met in an outpatient setting can be easily achieved by hosting through MDS. Physical access restrictions, on-site security, and environmental controls would be a few requirements easily met and documented on your HIPAA risk analysis.

HIPAA Certified Staff

Every MDS employee has undergone extensive HIPAA Privacy and Security training, testing, and comprehensive background checks. We do not use third party subcontractors, and all MDS employees sustain a comprehensive background check process.

Enterprise installation stability, security, and support

mdsHOSTING offers single server or split server environments for your Prime Suite database server and application server, depending on the size of your organization. With 24/7/365 support for mdsHOSTING clients, we offer premium delivery and support for the largest of enterprise Greenway Prime Suite installations. MDS offers scalable storage, scalable CPU and RAM, as well as customized deployments to accommodate the needs of enterprise healthcare environments.

Premium Security Support

MDS offers a complete suite of information security tools, monitoring, virus/malware protection, operating system updates, managed firewall, and direct secure connections to Greenway support and approved 3rd party vendors. Learn more about protecting your data with our complete security suite, mdsGUARD.

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