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Patient engagement tools to help you connect with your patients

Patients today expect user-friendly and mobile-friendly digital communications with their healthcare providers.

The athenahealth patient portal enables your patients to easily request appointments, complete patient forms, communicate with your office, and view test results and health records that enable them to take an active role in their healthcare.

With athenaCommunicator, you can bring a modern experience to your patients while also reducing your practice’s workload by using automated messaging, appointment reminders, and more.  

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Efficient, mobile friendly EHR workflow

Intuitive workflows and an integrated mobile app allow your providers and staff to focus on more patient care, less on screen time.

  • Easily process faxes and scanned documents, attaching them to the appropriate patient record
  • Intuitive, automated workflows save time allowing your staff to focus on your patients
  • Benefit from a network of more than 160,000 providers to deliver relevant and timely suggestions at the time of care

athenahealth Patient Portal Features

  • Appointment Scheduling – Patients can conveniently schedule appointments from the portal on their phone, tablet, or desktop computer
  • User Friendly Interface – The home page shows test results, view upcoming appointments, request an appointment, view messages, send messages to the practice, and view and make payments on outstanding patient balances
  • Health Records – Patients can access test results, medications, care summaries, vitals, medical history, health records, tobacco history, medical forms, learning materials, and health reminders from the My health section
  • Patient Profile – Patients can easily update contact information, security settings, notification settings, family notifications, insurance, and family access

Coordinate care with patient record sharing

athenaClinicals processes documents faster and exchanges patient data with other healthcare networks, saving staff time.

  • Key patient data retrieved from a network of healthcare sites, including allergies, medications and more, are included in the patient’s chart
  • Patient records are automatically linked only when there is a 100 percent match of demographic information
  • Providers outside the athenahealth network that are part of CommonWell or Carequality can retrieve electronic records from your practice, saving you from making large investments in IT and staff

Easy attestation

Knowledgeable teams monitor changes to quality programs to keep your practice anticipating and responding to industry change.

Automated messages and reminders

Patients receive automated reminders for upcoming appointments, billing, and follow-up care and alerts to view test results in the patient portal. Patient reminders help make scheduling and payment easier for your patients and helps reduce no-shows, improving collections for your practice.

Engage your patients and drive better health outcomes

Patients who play an active role in their own care often have better health. athenaCommunicator allows you to reach more patients and drive better health outcomes with less work.

  • Encourage your patients to utilize the patient portal to schedule appointments, review health records and care summaries, and much more
  • Automated reminders allow patients to review test results and follow-up care to stay on track with their health

Stay connected with your patients

  • Minimize message fatigue by sending the right message, at the right time, in the right channel
  • With athenaCommunicator, tailored outreach campaigns prompt your patients to schedule preventive care visits, keeping your clinic schedules full
  • Monitoring of campaign performance helps you continuously improve messaging and increase response rates from patients

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